Implantech 3d Accuscan Patient Specific Custom Implants

From 3D Scan to a Precise Fit

While Implantech’s implant lines are quite comprehensive, stock items are occasionally insufficient for a patient’s needs. You can depend on Implantech’s 3D Accuscan Patient-Specific® implants for an precise solution.

With 3D Accuscan®, you have the ability to create implants specifically engineered to each patient’s desire and anatomy.

Simply supply us with the appropriate CT scan, and we will organise a virtual planning session with you and an Implantech implant specialist during which they will assist you in designing an implant that is tailor made for your patient.

You’ll discover 3D Accuscan® is an effective tool for correcting defects, asymmetries or enhancing natural features.

Pricing Guide

There are two different methods of producing the custom implant. See their price guides below:

1. CT scan pricing guide
2. Moulage kit pricing guide

Protocol to produce a 3d Accuscan Implant

  1. Hospital Purchase Order (PO) – must be received prior to first web design meeting and have all patient-specific implants listed per case. Revision of PO will be required if additional web meetings are requested.
  2. A 50% deposit is required prior to the first web meeting.
  • During the web meeting you will work with the technician to design a 3D Accuscan Patient-Specific® Implant. You are entitled to 3 web meetings before incurring additional fees.
  • After your web meeting, you will receive a PDF containing the implant design shown on the skull from various angles. Measurements of the implant will be indicated as requested.
  • You may approve the design at this point or request another web meeting to make adjustments to the design.
  • Upon your approval of the implant design Implantech will begin production of the actual implant.
  • Please note once you approve the design, the design phase is considered closed. If you or your patient wants to make changes there will be additional charges.
  • The implant will be complete and ready to ship approximately 3-4 weeks after surgeon’s approval and final payment.
  • 3D Accuscan® Implants are patient specific and therefore non-returnable for credit or refund.