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Implantech 3D Accuscan Patient-Specific® Implants

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Wish you had the ability to create highly accurate implants to reconstruct hard and soft tissue facial deficiencies?

Implantech's 3D Accuscan system has extraordinary precision and the ability to produce a three-dimensional skeletal model complete with defects from a patient's CT scans.

It can also modify various dimensions to compensate for any overlaying soft tissue changes.

You'll soon discover that Implantech 3D Accuscan Patient-Specific® Implants are today's most effective tool for correcting facial defects.

3-D Accuscan Process

  1. Send your patient for a CT scan (following Implantech's specific protocols).
  2. Upload the CT scans to 3D Systems medical modelling website.
  3. Provide Precise Medical Supplies with a purchase order or credit card information (a 50% deposit is required to progress after the CT scan is received and all custom implants must be on a hospital purchase order or paid for in full before they will be shipped at the end of the process).
  4. Once the data is received and assessed for usability by 3D Systems, you will be contacted for an online design meeting with one of their technicians (you are entitled to 3 online meetings before incurring any additional costs).
  5. The technician will work with you to design the perfect implant and send you pictures from various angles of the implant design on the patients skull and sample implants if required.
  6. On approval, the 3D Systems designs are sent to Implantech and the implant is moved into production (at this stage if any additional changes need to be made, revision fees will be incurred).
  7. The implant will be manufactured, sterilised and shipped to you within 7 - 10 days.

Please note, that once the CT Scans are received, please allow a minimum of 4 weeks to supply the sterile implant.

3-D Accuscan Costs

  • The process is costed based on the amount of anatomical sites (mandible, maxilla, and forehead/temporal) implants are required for each patient case.
  • A new case includes 3 web meetings with technician, sample implant(s) if requested and a sterile implant.
  • An excess of 3 web meetings will incur additional fee of $490.00 per meeting.
  • A revision fee will be charged to re-open implant design file once the case is completed.
  • The revision fee includes 3 meetings, sample if requested and a sterile implant.
  • Custom Implants may not be returned for credit as the are patient specific.

1 Anatomical Site $5000
2 Anatomical Sites $6100
3 Anatomical Sites $7200
Revison Fee $1750
  • Skull models are available for an additional cost as indicated below.
Clear Resin Mandible $2,400.00
Clear Resin Maxilla $2,400.00
Clear Resin Mandible & Maxilla $4,000.00
Clear Resin Full Skull $4,800.00 

White Plaster Mandible $1,400.00
White Plaster Maxilla $1,650.00
White Plaster Mandible & Maxilla $1,950.00
White Plaster Full Skull $5,050.00

Simply contact us to get started.

All dimensions are approximate

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