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Implantech ContourFlex™ Teardrop (Anatomical) Gluteal Implant

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You want to give your patients the best and ContourFlex™ Gluteal implants are the softest, most natural-feeling silicone gluteal implants available anywhere.  

Not only will your patients be pleased with the results you give them, but you will find that ContourFlex™ implants are easy to work with. The flexibility and softness means they can be rolled to a smaller size, allowing smaller incisions, and the hand-smoothed edges will fit the patient more naturally with both subfacial and intramuscular placements.


Size Product No. A B C Volume
1 CCB6-1 10.6cm     15.8cm 3.0cm 280cc
2 CCB6-2 11.5cm     15.7cm 3.3cm 320cc
3 CCB6-3 12.5cm 17.0cm 3.8cm 430cc

*All dimensions are approximate

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