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Implantech ePTFE Sheeting

  • In addition to our ePTFE (Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) coated implants, Implantech can also be your source for ePTFE sheeting. 

    Available in various sizes, our ePTFE sheeting is packaged sterile for your surgical needs.


    Size Product No. A B C
    10 ePTFE-SHEET-010 8cm 5cm 0.1cm
    11 ePTFE-SHEET-011 8cm 3cm 0.1cm
    12 ePTFE-SHEET-012 9cm 6cm 0.1cm
    13 ePTFE-SHEET-013 12cm 6cm 0.1cm
    20 ePTFE-SHEET-020 8cm 3cm 0.2cm
    21 ePTFE-SHEET-021 8cm 5cm 0.1cm
    22 ePTFE-SHEET-022 9cm 6cm 0.1cm
    23 ePTFE-SHEET-023 12cm 6cm 0.1cm
    40 ePTFE-SHEET-040 10cm 3cm 0.4cm
    41 ePTFE-SHEET-041 6cm 1.6cm 0.4cm
    60 ePTFE-SHEET-060 10cm 3cm 0.6cm
    61 ePTFE-SHEET-061 6cm 1.6cm 0.6cm

    All dimensions are approximate