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Implantech Flowers Mandibular Glove® Implant

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  • The posterior Implantech Flowers Mandibular Glove® Implant surface matches the anatomical variations of the anterior surface of the mandible. 

    Provides anterior chin augmentation while slightly tilting the chin mound vertically upward. Blends in laterally, with no appreciable lateral augmentation.


    Size Product No. A B C D E F
    X-Small FMG-VXS 6.0cm 1.75cm 0.50cm 9.0cm 3.7cm 0.2cm
    Small FMG-VS 6.0cm 1.75cm 0.60cm 9.0cm 3.8cm 0.3cm
    Medium FMG-VM 6.0cm 1.75cm 0.80cm 10.0cm 4.4cm 0.3cm
    Large FMG-VL 6.1cm 1.75cm 1.00cm 10.0cm 4.6cm 0.4cm
    X-Large FMG-VXL 6.3cm 1.75cm 1.20cm 10.8cm 5.4cm 0.5cm

    All dimensions are approximate