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Implantech Mandibular Pre Jowl Chin™ Implant

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The Implantech Mandibular Pre Jowl Chin™ Implant provides anterior chin augmentation with a subtle increase in lateral fullness precisely positioned to augment the pre-jowl sulcus. 

Posterior implant surface allows for a pronounced symphyseal ridge.


Size Product No. A B C D E F
Small MPJC-S 6.0cm 1.5cm 0.65cm 10.0cm 4.0cm 0.33cm
Medium MPJC-M 6.0cm 1.5cm 0.80cm 10.4cm 4.3cm 0.40cm
Large MPJC-L 6.0cm 1.5cm 0.95cm 10.5cm 4.8cm 0.50cm
X-Large MPJC-XL 6.0cm 1.5cm 1.10cm 11.0cm 5.0cm 0.56cm

*All dimensions are approximate

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