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Implantech PowerFlex™ Pectoral II Implant

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  • The Implantech PowerFlex™ Pectoral II Implant is used for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to add definition to the pectoralis muscle.

    Made of soft solid silicone elastomer designed for permanent implantation. Carvable for customization of implant.

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    Size Product No. A B C Volume
    1 ACPI2-1 L
    ACPI2-1 R
    14.4cm 11.3cm 1.6cm 143cc
    2 ACPI2-2 L
    ACPI2-2 R
    15.0cm 12.2cm 2.1cm 203cc
    3 ACPI2-3 L
    ACPI2-3 R
    16.1cm 13.5cm 2.5cm 293cc

    All dimensions are approximate