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SKU: MS 710205

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  • Stop wasting time by increasing the speed of your injections!

    These needles are perfect for mesotherapy but are also being used in other procedures such as hyperhydrosis treatment.

    They are also being used to anaesthetise the face or body prior to laser/needling/radio frequency procedures and even to numb tattoos prior to injecting.

    MESORAM® Multi-injectors are supplied loaded with 27 or 30 Gauge needles of either 4 or 6mm length for immediate, effective and safe use, attaches to any Luer Lock syringe. Boxes of 36 units.

    Available in both Circular Plates with 5 or 7 needles and Linear Plates with 3 or 5 needles. 

    One injection of multiple needles feels like just one injection. 

    Manufactured in Europe 93/42/EEC, ISO 13485, CE marked & TGA Registered. EtO sterilized.

    All dimensions are approximate

    All implants are available on consignment - simply contact us for more information.