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Moeller Medical Liposat Pro

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Liposat® Pro,  your reliable partner for TLA-infiltration. You can easily focus on your patient and the procedure while trusting our technology to work reliably, providing the highest level of safety and comfort. TLA infiltration for small and large volumes

• Liposuction
• Vein-Stripping
• Sweat gland suction


• Delivery rate from 50 - 300 ml/min
• Connections for 2 foot switches
• Priming function for quick flushing of the hose set
• Luer-Lock connection on the tubing set - all cannulas with Luer-Lock connection can be used
• Touch operation of the pump
• Display easily readable from all directions, many setting options


• Volume Management
• Automatic hose feed
• Acoustic and optical display of the current pump status
• Adjustable delivery rate
• Visualization of the infiltrated volume and the activity of the rotor

    All dimensions are approximate

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