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Moeller Medical Vibrasat Pro Liposuction System Console & Vibrasat Hand Piece

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The Moeller Medical Liposuction System Vibrasat® Pro Console and Vibrasat® Hand Piece is a new Vibrating Handle for PAL.

The German system for power-assisted liposuction. Great customers deserve a great product. Moeller Medical have developed a new product based on 20 years of experience and feedback collected from customers and top doctors. The result is an even more ergonomic and powerful handle for power-assisted liposuction.

Vibration-supported liposuction is the modern way of surgical fat removal. Here, the reciprocal suction cannula is moved in a fast vibrational mode; this serves in combination with the suction vacuum to microscopically and gently cut and remove fat tissue. This technique has its specific advantages for both the doctor as well as the patient.

  • Gentle and homogeneous fat removal.
  • Time-saving procedure.
  • Less force and effort are necessary to move the cannula the doctor is thus able to work with higher precision.

New in the Vibrasat® Pro is the QuickLock® connection which makes changing cannulas easy and fast. In addition, the new button on the handle provides quick access to the boost functions. The Vibrasat® Pro is the innovative power-assisted liposuction system that addresses surgeons’ needs with the highest standards.


  • Ergonomic design with a reduced weight with a sturdy metal finish
  • Simple operation with a single on/off button
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Machine cleanable and fully autoclavable


  • Cannula Movement: Linear, Reciprocating
  • Strokes per Minute: 3000-5000 RPM; 6000 with boost
  • Reciprocal Length: 3mm
  • Speed Control


Instructions for use: Cleaning and Sterilisation of the Vibrasat Pro Hand Piece


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