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Moeller Medical Reusable Becker Basket 1.5 Cannula with Quick Lock for Vibrasat Pro

SKU: MOASC-R511-40-0350
  • Moeller Medical Reusable Becker Basket Cannula 1.5 with Quick Lock for use with the Vibrasat Pro

    The Becker (AKA Basket or Birdcage) is an aggressive cannula for releasing adhesions it is also a popular choice for gynecomastia. The tines of the cannula are 1.5 times as wide as the cannula, so that a 3mm cannula will be 4.5mm at the widest point, and a 4mm will 6mm at the widest point etc.

    • Round tip
    • QuickLock hub
    • Non-sterile
    • Reusable

    Single item

    All dimensions are approximate