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SoftFil EasyGuide (Box Of 20)

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  • The faster, safer and more precise you can make injections, the better it is for both you and the patient.

    The SoftFil EasyGuide is a patented medical injection device designed for doing all of the above for aesthetic cannula injections.

    With a 2-in-1 gesture you can:

    1. Create a minimally traumatic pre-hole with either the short 5mm or 6.8mm sharp SoftFil Easyguide
    2. Associate the insertion of the cannula together with the pre-hole puncture.

    The EasyGuide is available in the following sizes:

    • 22G x 50mm x 5mm (Short)
    • 25G x 50mm x 5mm (Short)
    • 25G x 50mm x 6.8mm
    • 27G x 40mm x 5mm (Short)
    • 27G x 40mm x 6.8mm

    How to use the SoftFil EasyGuide

    1. Create a pre-hole at the identified entry point, with the sharp SoftFil EasyGuide
    2. Through this entry hole, insert the micro-cannula previously securely connected and locked to the syringe with one hand by sliding the micro- cannula along the SoftFil EasyGuide needle into the desired injection level
    3. Next, remove the SoftFil EasyGuide from the hole and proceed with the injection.

    For free samples simply contact us.


    All dimensions are approximate