Vorotek M Scope - SpecFrame or HeadBand

$ 2,602
Style: Headband (No Polarizing System)



The VorOtek M Scope combines high clarity Plate Magnification with brilliant surgical quality LED Illumination. One of the major benefits of plate magnifiers is they provide an extensive field of view - far greater than the field of view provided by loupes. Combine this with the M Scope’s brilliant LED illumination and the result is simple and exceptional visualisation. The Vorotek M Scope is head worn (hands free), light weight and emphasizes simplicity, durability and comfort.

Designed & Manufactured in Australia

Plate Magnification with Fully Integrated Surgical Quality Dimmable LED
Illumination. Includes 2, 4 & 6 Dioptre Plate Magnifiers, Power Pack, Charger & Carry Case.

Fully Integrated Design
The fully integrated design ensures that the plate magnifiers and illumination are correctly aligned. This avoids the need for frequent adjustment, a characteristic of ‘add on’ lighting systems.

The VorOtek M Scope includes 3 interchangeable plate magnifiers (2,4 & 6 dioptre) which have a scratch resistant coating. They are simple to use and provide an extensive field of view at a wide range of working distances.

Cross Polarisation
The M Scope is now available with an optional cross-polarisation kit to show deeper structures during Dermoscopy.

Surgical Quality LED Illumination
VorOtek’s compound lens system and LED technology produces a brilliant 55,000 lux, with superior edge-to-edge uniformity across the entire field of view.

Coaxial & Dimmable LED Illumination
The location of the brilliant LED illumination can be adjusted to align with the individual’s visual pathway, allowing shadow free illumination. The dimmer switch provides 8 evenly spaced levels of illumination (essential for eye procedures) with a clear LCD display.

Dual function
The plate magnifiers on the VorOtek M Scope can be easily rotated up, allowing uninterrupted vision with headlight illumination.

Portable Power Supply
The high capacity Lithium Ion Power Pack (either belt or pocket worn), provides 7hrs to >20hrs “on time” depending on the illumination level.

Ergonomic Features
The VorOtek M Scope is head worn, light weight The VorOtek M Scope is head worn, light weight and compact - emphasizing simplicity, durability and comfort. The angle of declination of the plate magnifiers and illumination can be adjusted to the individual’s preferred head and neck position.

M Scope Models
The SpecFrame model can be fitted with prescription lenses. After initial set up, no ongoing adjustments or realignment is needed.
The HeadBand model is fully adjustable, ideal for shared use. It can be used over prescription glasses.shared use. It can be used over prescription glasses.