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Vorotek M Scope

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  • The Vorotek M Scope combines the simple to use Plate Magnifiers with brilliant surgical quality LED Illumination.

    The major benefit of plate magnifiers is that they provide an extensive field of view, far greater than the field of view provided by loupes and are very simple to use.

    The Vorotek M Scope is head worn (hands free), light weight and emphases simplicity, durability and comfort.


    • Dual Function – The plate magnifiers can be easily rotated up, allowing uninterrupted vision and brilliant surgical quality headlight function.
    • Magnification – High quality optical plate magnifiers (3, 5, 7 dioptre) with scratch resistant coating.
    • Surgical Quality LED Illumination – 55,000 lux at a working distance of 420mm. The 105mm field of illumination provides superior edge-to-edge uniformity.
    • Coaxial & Dimmable LED illumination – The location of the brilliant LED illumination can be adjusted to align with the individual’s visual pathway, allowing shadow free illumination. The dimmer function provides 7 evenly spaced levels of illumination (essential for eye procedures).

    Designed and Developed by Dr John Vorrath the developer of the original VOROSCOPE

    All dimensions are approximate